MultiFoodShop is a complete food order application platform for multiple restaurants in multiple places. You can still download and check it out in demo mode on Google Play.

Several Win/Lin/Mac apps are written to support the platform, eg for adding content, create shop owners/customers of the platform, calculate financials. Delivery App to have a client sign for receiving the goods etcetera. If you are interested in this platform then contact us.


Fun Drumpad with 2 drumsets 808 and 909 and 3 slots to save presets. Colors on pads can change. A single pad can have 2 sample, touch and release. Just for a bit of fun.

JeeJeeStudio App

Een gratis app die muziek demo's laat horen, videoclips laat zien en waar de laatste nieuwtjes gechecked kunnen worden. Het biedt een aantal toepasbare mogelijkheden in Apps, verkrijgbaar op Google PlayStore.

Elles - Tijd en Datum (Time & Date)

Elles does simply answer the time or date but spoken in audio in Dutch or English.


Een Android App voor Nederlandse Veteranen van het Signal Battaljon in voormalig Joegoslavie, hiermee kunnen ze korte informatie berichten lezen, checken wie waar in welke plaats heeft gezeten, direct contact krijgen met NuldeLijns hulp, de eerste aanspraak bij bijvoorbeeld psychische hulp.

SImple Compass

with logo of Dutch Signals Veterans

Shipping Form Transmitter

This was created on request of Frankfurt Underwriters Laboratory for the German, Dutch and Polish Laboratory. It is used to simply copy scanned forms to a server as reference-backup and at the same time email it to the responsible Project Engineer via a few simple steps.


SHOW IT  shows Project Information on dedicated Android Pads on the workbenches and indicates if samples are worked on.

The Windows part of the package sends the info to a MySQL server and the Android app shows this information.

Status of samples is indicated with color per workbench selection.

Created for the Frankfurt Underwriters Laboratory


Een windows hulpmiddel om korte berichten te sturen naar de Android Signalbn App alsmede de Push Notifications.

Nuldelijns beheer

Een hulpmiddel om de lijst van Nuldelijns helpers up to date te houden voor de Signalbn app.

Database Beheer

Een windows programma voor de Ledenbeheerder van Vereniging Oud-Leden 1 (NL) UN Signal Bataljon, hiermee wordt de data van de leden bijgehouden en versleuteld opgeslagen.

Environmental Reader

a tool to directly read out Omega Environmental Meters at the push of a button

as used in climate controlled laboratories. I used this myself in NL Underwriters Laboratory.

I Tjing Oracle

As a replacement for the coins you can throw when asking quests of life

BS-5 Blood Sport points System

 A dual screen tournament fighter selection and point system. To be used at martial arts tournaments.

I was inspired by the movie of JCVD to create something like the board where the names came up who are up for the fight.

So with this you can have several contestants who can stand up to each other but do not know against who they will fight untill the moment the system comes with their names.

Numerology calculator

To calculate your life's numbers and use to help you understand issues on your journey of life

Laptop Battery Checker

Uses a piece of visual Basic to read out the battery state

Simple Elapsed Time Calculator

Fill in current time and start time and elapsed time is calculated

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